Ambulatory EEG

Accurate, reliable and patient friendly, our DigiTrace Monitoring Systems and Services represent the leading edge in ambulatory EEG testing. 

Our proprietary DigiTrace EEG products and services are used by dozens of comprehensive epilepsy centers throughout the U.S. There are also are over 40 company testing locations in 20 major U.S. metropolitan areas where physicians can refer their patients for ambulatory EEG testing. Together, these facilities provide more than 25,000 days of ambulatory EEG monitoring each year.

DigiTrace technology is noted for its unique capabilities including its lightweight head-mounted preamplifier that minimizes motion artifact, on-line spike and seizure detection and multiple day monitoring capabilities. Our most recent innovation, the DigiTrace Video System (DVS) allows for high quality video monitoring in a patient’s home or the hospital.

Used in many studies relating to ambulatory EEG monitoring, DigiTrace equipment has consistently demonstrated an outstanding yield in diagnosing patients with seizure disorders.

In addition to our technology, DigiTrace patient services are unsurpassed. While being monitored, patients can access our toll free patient help line 24 hours a day, seven days a week for answers to questions or concerns; the help line is always staffed by registered EEG technologists.

When is a DigiTrace Study Indicated?

Differential Diagnosis

Patients having “funny spells” with inconclusive routine EEG’s, children or adults having difficulty describing events or elderly patients in whom you may be hesitant to start AEDs due to potential complications with other medications.

Uncontrolled Seizures

For patients whose seizures are not adequately controlled, a DigiTrace study may help differentiate between focal and generalized abnormalities so as to optimize patient management.

To Document Seizure Severity, Frequency or Freedom

An ideal modality when you suspect patients may be having more seizures than are being reported, to document events with environmental triggers or to provide documentation of seizure freedom.

Presurgical Consideration

DigiTrace video studies can be used in conjunction with an inpatient epilepsy program for recording events, especially for patients who have had inconclusive inpatient stays.

Seizures vs. Syncope

Ideal for differentiating between neurologic and cardiac-related patterns. 

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