SleepMed partners with employers, payors, hospitals, accountable care organizations, sleep centers and physicians to help solve America's sleep problem.

We Partner With

  • Physicians who are operating their own practice-based sleep lab who may be re-evaluating their position. Maintaining the highest quality and regulatory compliance standards while implementing requisite cost controls is a difficult matter. Talk to SleepMed about how to change your position relative to your lab, allowing you to focus on seeing more patients who need your care. Many physicians have experienced favorable results. 
  • Employers who wish to improve the overall health of their employees through SleepMed Wellness Programs.
  • Payors seeking innovative strategies to promote wellness to populations
  • Hospitals that need assistance running a sleep program with their patients.
  • Sleep Companies have reached a decision point on further expansion or a significant change in direction due to the challenging market dynamics. 

The SleepMed Portal

Discover an access point for all of your critical sleep lab information. The SleepMed Portal was designed to put patient scheduling, information on physician referrals, employment staffing information and you lab’s policies and procedures, at your fingertips. 

Find out how the SleepMed Portal can improve your practice.

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Equipment and Services

We provide vital equipment and services for:

New Business Alliances

We are always looking for new business alliances. Business owners and physicians running sleep diagnostic labs and who are looking for new business options should contact SleepMed to explore strategic solutions.

Contact Tom Wittick or browse our interactive brochures for more information.

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General Statistics

Sleep problems add an estimated $15.9 billion to national health care cost.

84 classifications of sleep disorders exist.

Adults require an average of 8 to 8.5 hours of sleep each night.


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