Join the SleepMed Physician Network

Join the SleepMed Physician Network and tap into a new patient population, all at no cost or risk to you. 

As the nation’s leader in sleep health initiatives, we’re excited to introduce you to our new narrow network. The SleepMed Physician Network is dedicated to supporting innovative care programs for sleep patients in an ever-evolving national healthcare environment. 

Membership in the SleepMed Physician Network:

  • Is completely free
  • Is non-binding and can be terminated at any time
  • Will not affect any of your current relationships or clinical activities
  • Exposes your practice to a new patient population
  • Will position you for preferred local exposure as a qualified and credentialed sleep expert

National payors and self-insured employers are increasingly aware of the importance of sleep health for their members and employees. SleepMed, working in concert with national partners, has created a cost effective vehicle for patient management services.

With membership in SleepMed Physician Network, you join a network of select physicians with the ability to provide services for this new base of patients in your community as they become available through SleepMed’s innovative sleep health initiatives.

Expand your vision of new healthcare opportunities.

Contact us for more information and to get a SleepMed Physician Network information package mailed directly to you.

Join the SleepMed Physician Network 

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Learn more about the SleepMed Physician Network - a network for sleep experts across the United States.

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