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Sleep Medicine Goes to Work, Sleep Review Magazine, September 2014

What if, instead of waiting for patients to complain to their doctors about sleep problems, sleep medicine could catch patients 5 to 10 years earlier and get problems managed long before poor sleep created other health problems or worsened comorbidities? SleepMed’s vision of reaching patients through corporate health and wellness programs is becoming reality—with interesting implications for sleep medicine overall.

When Lease is More, Sleep Review Magainze, July 2014

Sleep physicians and sleep centers see appealing advantages to financing needed equipment, both rentals and leases. SleepMed believes there are tax advantages to both.

New Narrow Network, Sleep Review Magazine, June 2014

These days, almost every sleep professional could use a few new referral sources. SleepMed, the largest US private sleep diagnostics provider, just launched a new narrow network, which may be a viable new referral source for your practice.

9 Attributes to Consider When Picking HST Devices, Sleep Review Magazine, May 2014

There is little argument that home sleep testing (HST) is here to stay. However, the low reimbursement rate for HST compared to in-lab polysomnography (PSG) creates a number of challenges for sleep labs that may be reluctant to invest precious financial and clinical resources into home testing. There are 9 strategies to effectively choose the right device which relfect insights from senior product specialists any companies include SleepMed. One strategy is to ensure there is reputable company backing - make sure the company is focused on the industry and backs its products with warranties, free software upgrades, telephone support and outstanding customer service. At SleepMed, a warranty program guarantees that a loaner device will be provided if the HST is unavailable for more than two days. Plus, “all software upgrades are done automatically because of our cloud-based platform.

SleepMed to Launch Administrative Service Organization for Sleep Specialists, Sleep Review Magazine, May 2014

SleepMed will launch an administrative service organization (ASO) for sleep specialists who want to expand their patient base in the evolving healthcare environment.

Home Sleep Testing Side-by-Side Comparison Guide, Sleep Review Magazine, January 2014

Sleep Review's HST matrix compares features such as cost of consumables, total number of channels, and recording time capacity for a number of products including SleepMed's ARES. 

Watermark Medical Mergies with SleepMed, Sleep Review Magazine, April 2013

Watermark Medical and SleepMed have merged under the SleepMed brand. The companies chose to merge because of "the need for intelligent options for patient care that incorporate all appropriate diagnostic modalities.” The merger will allow SleepMed to expand services and products while improving patient health, the statement said.

SleepMed Awarded Sole Source Contracted Vendor Agreement, Sleep Review Magazine, June 2011

SleepMed has been awarded a new sole source agreement for sleep diagnostic services with Premier Purchasing Partners LP, the group purchasing unit of the Premier health care alliance. SleepMed knows that Premier is dedicated to providing its membership with priority access to well-vetted, high-quality products and services. The expertise that SleepMed has developed will provide Premier members with access to both excellent on-site testing services as well as unique insights into the business of sleep medicine that will help each hospital properly position their total sleep program as the health care landscape continues to evolve.

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